Chote Mehandipur Balaji History

Chote Mehandipur Balaji Dham is a temple of Lord Hanuman ji (Bala ji) located in Jalandhar city of Punjab (India). The temple has been known for many years and a very popular religious destination. Its reputation for ritualistic healing from evil spirits attachments and black magic or spells. It is believed that the deity in this temple has divine power to cure a person who are suffering from black magic, ghost/evil spirits, etc. People come here to get relief from the diseases of evil spirits and black magic by several ritualistic healings. The number of devotees coming here every day.

Our Astro-healing services

  1. Live/online Astro Counseling
  2. Free Horoscope
  3. Astrology Report
  4. Vastu consultancy
  5. Mantra Healing
  6. Natural & Certified Astrology Gemstone
  7. Energized Yantra
  8. Astrological Remedies
  9. Vedic Jyotish
  10. Career Guidance
  11. Match Making
  12. Health Predictions
  13. Sadde Saati
  14. Mangalik/Shani & Kalsarp Doshas
  15. Pitra Dosha and its remedies
  16. Birth of babies to childless couples
  17. Children’s career/study prospects
  18. Shubha muhurta for wedding, travel, buying home/car and starting business
  19. Prospects of going abroad
  20. Winning the court cases
  21. Prospects of love/arranged marriages
  22. Possibility of pre-marital/extra-marital affairs
  23. Possibility of owning properties

Astro-healing Guru

The top famous Astro-healing guru Ajay Puri ji is a name with knowledge and exceptional abilities in astrology services. His guidance and consultation has been the source of immense delights in lives of countless people. We are giving this service since last 18 years in Astrology, Vaastu shastra, and Mantra healing. Astro-healing guru Ajay Puri ji offers the most effective remedies to cure all sorts of troubles and negative influences that arise in any life aspect. Astro-healing guru Ajay Puri ji has earned incredible reputation in the world of astrology services and his experience leads to reliable results and have earned him the trust of millions. Our aim is to enhance your health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment by the mercy of Shree Mehandipur Balaji.

Bala Ji Pindi Swaroop Darshan Aur Dukh Niwaran Sthaan.

Chote Mehandipur Bala Ji Darbar Events.

People celebrate in Shri Bala Ji Jagran.

Preparing to Shri Bala Ji Puja.

Displaying Bala Ji pindi by Sh. Balaji Upasak Bhagat Ajay Puri Ji.

People during participate in Shri Bala Ji yatra seva.

In my own spiritual journey, I became a bhagat on the Hindu path of Bhakti. By the mercy of Shri Mehandipur Bala Ji.

Balaji Upasak Bhagat Sh. Ajay Puri Ji

Look inside yourself, at the goals and dreams God has planted inside you, and identify what you need to be happy.

Balaji Upasak Bhagat Sh. Ajay Puri Ji